Who is Savage Steaks?

Weare an online supplier of beef, chicken, fish and seafood, committed to delivering the highest quality at the best prices with a holistic approach. We make sure we work with the most trusted, humane, and quality-minded breeders, farmers and fisheries to deliver sustainable food from animals that are well taken care of. Food that’s good for you and the environment.

What’s good here?

Savage Steaks is your online source for restaurant-quality and sustainable beef, chicken and beef. All are sourced from trusted, certified farmers, growers and fisheries.

Where to buy good steaks online?

 Savage Steaks offers Choice and Prime USDA Beef, all sourced from the most reputable farms in the country and abroad. Quality, humane farming and sustainability are our top priorities. The steaks and hand-cut by professional butchers, vacuum-sealed and shipped to order. Our beef is:

• Organic
• All Natural
• Pasture Raised
• Grass-Fed
• No Hormones or antibiotics
• Third-Party Verification
• Never Frozen
• Hand-Cut Steaks
• Vacuum Sealed

Where to buy sustainable fish and seafood?

 Savage Steaks offers fresh fish and shellfish sustainably sourced from trusted fisheries guided by the Sustained Seas Program. All seafood is fresh, healthy and sustainably harvested. Our seafood is:

• Only sustainable species
• Responsibly harvested
• Always fresh
• USDA certified, and FDA approved
• Never Frozen
• Vacuum Sealed

Where to buy free-range chicken?

 Savage Steak’s chicken is grown free range and humanely raised with no cages, crates, or crowding. It’s also fed with grains and vegetable scraps with no hormones or antibiotics. This is an authentic, sustainable chicken. Our chicken is:

• Free-range, long-lived chicken
• No cages, no crates, no crowding
• Organic
• Humanely raised
• Veggie and grain-fed
• No antibiotics or hormones
• Never Frozen
• Vacuum Sealed