Memorial Day special 

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Memorial Day special 

Get 15% off (no limit). Coupon Code : SAVAGE15

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Memorial Day traditions in Washington DC

Memorial Day is around the corner, which means paying tribute to the military personnel who have fallen while performing their duties. The memorable weekend, of course, is also the perfect opportunity to spend time with our friends and family. And since you can already feel the warmth of summer, this is the ideal moment to visit the graves of fallen soldiers and then call some friends over for a backyard grilling party! Here’s how to commemorate Memorial Day in Washington DC.

Arlington National Cemetery

There are over 400,000 graves along the 639-acres in Washington DC’s Arlington National Cemetery. Of course, this year, because of COVID-19, access to the memorable park will be restricted to those holding family passes.

Visiting the Arlington Cemetery is a privilege Washingtonians have enjoyed every year for over a century, but this year you’ll have to pay your respects differently. A virtual tour of the Memorial Amphitheater will be available on Arlington’s website, and you can view the always-expected Memorial Day Concert on TV. There will be a live stream as well! Country music star Mickey Guyton will sing the anthem, so it will be quite a show!

We know, Memorial Day won’t be the same with the current mobility restrictions, despite that, the intentions matter most. So, commemorate those no longer with us safely from home. Hopefully, next year we’ll all meet again on the Capitol’s West Lawn.

Memorial Day Grilling Traditions

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer, and that means enjoying some good-old outdoor entertainment. Washington DC is known for its over-the-top grilling traditions, and everything goes from burgers and steaks to juicy sausages.

Perhaps it’s best not to summon a large crowd because of COVID restrictions, but you can certainly get together with close family, friends and neighbors for an afternoon around the grill.

To get you started, Savage Steaks has put together the perfect premium meat kits with everything you need for a delicious grilling party.

Savage Steaks’ Prime Starter Box $79.99

Give some variety to your grilling repertoire with the following items sourced from our reputed partners and socially responsible farms.

• 1 Whole chicken. Enjoy a free-range whole chicken that’s been citrus brined for a juicy bird with a crackly golden skin.

• 1 lb. Italian sausage. Traditional herb-scented links ready to be char-grilled to crispy perfection.

• 1 lb. Pork chops. Bone-in, thick pork chops with a luscious fatty strip. These are all about the mild pork flavor and incredible tenderness.

• 1 lb. Chuck roll. Beautifully marbled and thick, this chuck roll guarantees the most exciting slow-cooked prime meat.

Savage Steaks’ Prime Curated Item Box $129.99

Only the best for your grill. We selected these items for being the absolute best in Savage Steak’s catalog.

• 6 Dry-aged burger patties. Handmade 8 oz patties made with flavorful dry-aged prime beef.

• 1 24-oz dry-aged porterhouse. This certified USDA prime is the king of beef cuts.

• 1 lb. Wagyu Coulotte. With fantastic marbling, this premium Wagyu Coulotte melts in your mouth     — it’s as soft as butter!

•1 lb. Bratwurst. Traditional homemade bratwursts made with finely chopped veal. These classic sausages will elevate your grilling experience to new levels!

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