Cooking Techniques for Expensive Steaks

by Bill Flannery


Every cut of meat deserves some thought, but expensive steaks? You want to get those perfectly! It’s not about the steak’s price but its quality. Fine meat will hardly disappoint, even if you’re a lousy cook. Still, for a wow factor, you need to bring out the big guns, and that means using the following cooking techniques to make the most out of those delicious steaks.

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Cooking Techniques for Expensive Steaks

1.    Salt Your Steak

There are many seasonings and rubs out there, and they’re all great, but the one thing you must add to your steak is salt. Salt elevates the steak flavor, and since the mineral is water soluble, it penetrates the meat nicely, so be generous with it! Salt gives flavor to the meat, tenderizes it and helps speed up the Maillard reaction.

2.    Cook Steaks at Room Temperature

When cooking expensive steaks, temperature matters, including the temperature of the steak before you even light up the fire! Don’t cook your steaks straight out of the fridge. Bring them out at least 20 minutes before you grill. You want to bring them to room temperature to trigger the Maillard reaction faster.

3.    Use a Meat Thermometer

This one is a no-brainer. No matter how experienced you are grilling meat, no one eyeballs the temperature of a steak exactly right every time. For even and consistent results, you must use a meat thermometer. Here’s a handy chart for you:

Rare: 125ºF

Medium-rare: 130 to 135ºF

Medium: 140 to 145ºF

Medium-well: 150ºF

4.    Try Reverse Searing the Steak

To reverse sear a steak, cook it in the oven until its core is nearly where you want it (using your meat thermometer and the chart above). Then sear it on the grill or skillet to achieve that lovely brown crust. This method ensures the steak has the perfect doneness every time.

5.    Leave the Black Pepper for Last

Seasoning steaks from the start is not always the best idea, especially when cooking expensive steaks. Add salt, yes, but it’s better to add other spices like black pepper before serving. Why? Because, unlike salt, black pepper can and will get burned to ashes during the cooking process, and it loses its aromatic intensity.

6.    Give Steaks Your Personal Touch

When the meat is high, cooking good steaks is easy. Great steaks? That’s another matter. Add your personal touch to the meat. Throw in a slab of butter and a rosemary sprig into the skillet just before the steak is done. Other herbs work, too, and you can also drizzle the steak with premium olive oil for extra silkiness.

7.    Let the Meat Rest

Rest the meat before slicing to allow the juices and the heat to distribute along the steak. Did you know the meat continues to cook for a few minutes after removing it from the grill or skillet? As a general rule, rest a steak one minute for every 100 grams. That’s around five minutes for a 15-ounce piece.


Learn from Experience!


The best way of learning how to cook an expensive steak to perfection is by practicing. No one becomes a grill master overnight. Become the designated man behind the grill on family reunions and backyard grilling parties and get grilling. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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