Butchers in the DC Area to Satisfy Your More Primitive Cravings

by Bill Flannery

Butchers are masters of their craft; they’re true artisans and dangerous people with a knife. No, really, craft butchers are beacons in the community and are responsible for some of the tastiest meals and get-togethers by the grill. 

In no particular order, here are our favorite butchers in the DC area. And although many outstanding butchers didn’t make the list this time, know that there’s no such thing as a bad butcher — where there’s meat, there’s passion. 

1. The Butchers Market 

In the heart of Mount Pleasant, DC, this artisanal butcher shop has mastered the art of dry-aging meat to perfection, and the result is nothing less than outstanding. They work with prime beef and offer excellent seafood as well. The best part? The folks down at the Butchers Market will cook your steak for you if you ask nicely. 


2. John Brown General Butchery

With two locations in Baltimore, John Brown General is one of the most highly respected whole animal butchers in the area. They own the newly opened JBGB restaurant as well! Sustainability is the keyword here; the animals are all sustainably grown, grass-fed, and grass-finished. Find everything from prime beef to pork and from lamb to premium poultry. 


3. Savage Steaks Today 

Savage Steaks is the bridge between cattle ranchers, sustainable fisheries and free-range chicken farms, and the fine people in the DC area looking for better food. From authentic wagyu to the finest dry-aged steaks, Savage Steaks Today has truly opened a world of delicious possibilities and completely redefined meat delivery. Founders of the Meat Report, Savage Steaks also puts great effort into educating the public about local, sustainable meat. 


4. Kensington Market

Kensington Market in Maryland is an authentic market featuring some of the finest produce, pantry items, meat and seafood on-premise and online. High quality is a given, and there’s a unique local feel to the market’s every product. The gourmet market has sister stores in Washington DC and Bethesda, and you’ll find the same excellent quality and friendly service in every shop. 


5. Butchers Alley

For burgers or steak, local wine or craft beer. Butchers Alley has put together the perfect neighborhood gourmet shop in Bethesda. Fresh, local and with an old-school vibe, Butcher’s Alley is a joy to visit. Do try their homemade sausages and house sandwiches. This is how going to the butcher on Sunday morning should feel like. 


6. Wagshals

This deli, butchery, barbecue pit and market has been around since 1925. Prime beef, pork, dairy, artisan bread and even pastries make Wagshals a well-rounded local market with deep roots in the DC area. Pam, the butcher and chef, has forty years of experience in the fine food business, and you can tell. Everything here is delicious! Wagshals caters for events as well in case you had a special date coming up.


Butchers, We Salute You!

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it. Show some love to your local butchers and thank them for taking care of you and your people. Premium meat is more than a luxury; it’s a means to healthier eating, and that matters. Besides, who doesn’t love a thick-cut steak from time to time? See what your favorite butcher has for you today!