How to Pair Oysters with Beer?

by Bill Flannery

ou know we love a good steak, but it’s still summer, and seafood is the order of the day. We have a great friendship with the kindest oyster vendor in the area, Gardner Douglas, AKA the Oyster Ninja, who brings us the freshest oysters straight from the Chesapeake Bay. And you know what? They’re awesome! Especially with a cold one in hand. 

So, how to pair oysters with beer? Here’s what you need to know because not all oysters are the same, and the same goes for beer!

Raw, Steamed and Lemony Oysters.

When enjoying raw oysters or just lightly livened by freshly squeezed lemon juice, you need a refreshing beer. And although that sounds kind of obvious, light and crisp beers have their own category, so you must know what you’re looking for. 

Silver Branch Brewing offers an awesome ABV 5.0% Pilsner, the Glass Castle, made with Czech hops, and it was born to be paired with oysters.

Other beer styles to try: Pale Ale, American Lager, Munich Helles.

Baked Oysters.

Rockefeller anyone? Oysters are fantastic when grated with cheese and baked to steamy perfection. Baked and roasted oysters are rich and often creamy, and they call for an equally palate-coating beer. 

Denizens Brewing offers a mean triple ale aged in barrels for 12 months. It’s called Brett Party, and although a bit funky, it has the weight to handle baked oysters. That’s guaranteed.

Other beer styles to try: Wheat beer, Hazy IPA, Golden Ale.

Smoked, Grilled and Fried Oysters.

When oysters are kissed by smoke and fire, they’re something else entirely. Bolder, richer and often smoky, these specialties are fantastic with earthy and malty beer. 

Mittenator Doppelbock by 3 Stars Brewing has the most heart-warming sweet malt notes and a whopping 7% ABV. The bready beer is robust enough to tackle even the smokiest oysters.

Other beers styles to try: Mexican Vienna Lager, Baltic Porter, Dunkles Bock.

How’s that for a sea-scented lunch?

Enjoy the Oyster Ninja’s local oysters and a cold brew. After all, there’s no better way of enjoying a summery evening!

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