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Your favorite restaurant quality steaks and seafood, delivered to your home the same day. That's Savage Steaks Today.

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Welcome to Savage Steaks Today

Exclusive restaurant quality steaks and seafood delivered fresh to your home the same-day

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Our Meat

These meats are not available in your local grocery store but are exactly the same as the meat served in 5-star restaurants across the DMV - fresh, never frozen in all different cuts and types, directly from the source to the butcher then delivered to you 

Our Delivery 

The variety of meat we have available is unique and often hard to find - order online today and we'll deliver personally to you, in most cases within two hours anywhere in the DMV and we'll keep you updated on the status of your delivery 

Our Promise  

We understand your time is valuable and you want the freshest food as soon as possible , which is why we offer same day delivery and an unconditionally guarantee, if you aren't completely satisfied we'll refund your money, no question asked

Responsibly Sourced Beef

At Savage Steaks, we’re proud to have bonded with a wide range of dedicated cattle ranchers through the years. Our trusted partners help us ensure the juiciest, most tender, and flavorful meat with high marbling scores sourced from sustainable and ethical farms across the country and abroad.

From Australian Wagyu and Purebred Angus to locally farmed American Aberdeen treated from time to time with spent beer grains. The beef is organic, all-natural, pasture-raised and grass-fed with no hormones or antibiotics. Sustainable, always fresh and never frozen, that’s our pledge to you.

• Organic
• All Natural
• Pasture Raised
• Grass-Fed
• No Hormones or Antibiotics
• Third-Party Verification
• Never Frozen
• Hand-Cut Steaks
• Vacuum Sealed

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Sustainable Seafood

At Savage Steaks, we work exclusively with responsibly harvested species from local fisheries and suppliers and importers with over 80 years of experience in sustainable fishing. Processed in USDA-certified facilities, the fresh seafood complies with all the FDA codes and the Sustained Seas Program. We deliver fresh seafood that’s not only safe for the environment but always fresh and of the highest quality.

• Only Sustainable Species
• Responsibly Harvested
•Always Fresh
• USDA Certified, and FDA Approved
• Never Frozen
• Vacuum Sealed

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Free-Range Chicken

At Savage Steaks, Our chicken frolics freely around farmyards and pastures under the shade of trees in Amish and Mennonite family farms with plenty of space and sunshine. They’re bred with sustainable, humane practices and fed with wholesome grains and vegetable scraps without antibiotics or hormones. This is free-range chicken on another level — and you can taste it! Source your high-quality, tender and flavorful yard birds from Savage Steaks.

• Free-range, Long-lived Chicken
• No cages, No crates, No crowding
• Organic
• Humanely Raised
• Veggie and Grain-fed
• No Antibiotics or Hormones
• Never Frozen
• Vacuum Sealed

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Now two great ordering options 

 chef-curated - Savage Steaks Prime ( OUR BEST) and Savage Steaks Choice ( OUR SECOND BEST )

Please note - Because these are separate locations selections cannot be combined into one checkout for delivery.


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Australia’s Best Wagyu Beef - From Westholme Farms

See what folks are saying about our chef-selected steaks. 

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New Comers

[PRIME] USDA dry aged prime boneless ribeye 1-LB
[PRIME] USDA dry aged prime boneless ribeye 1-LB

[PRIME] USDA dry aged prime boneless ribeye 1-LB

[PRIME] 90 plus day dry-aged Porterhouse KING CUT
[PRIME] 90 plus day dry-aged Porterhouse KING CUT
[PRIME] 90 plus day dry-aged Porterhouse KING CUT

[PRIME] 90 plus day dry-aged Porterhouse KING CUT


Steaks from these great ranches

How it works. Order the steaks or seafood you want. Our butcher will hand-cut and vacuum seal your order to be picked up and delivered usually within 2 hours.

Need something special - drop us a line, and we will find the product from our local suppliers

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